Who What Wear - I Wore Blair Waldorf–Style Lingerie for a Week

''I’m not writing this story because I’m obsessed with Blair Waldorf, although I’m fairly certain I used to be. I’m writing it because Blair was pretty much my “introduction” to lingerie''.

Adina Reay - who what wear - Veronica Neon

Editorial director, Lauren Eggertsen

''When Gossip Girl first came out, I was in high school. I remember being so entranced by the show that I would wake up extra hour early to watch a new episode before I went to school in the morning, whereas now, the thought of waking up extra hour early for anything makes me want to riot''.

''While yes, the fashion, drama, and anticipated gossip hooked me for many more years, it was Blair’s lingerie drawer that actually taught me something''.

''This set is really fun, what with the neon floral appliqué, silky pink satin straps, and something I hardly ever wear—briefs. Personally, I’m not a fan of visible panty lines, so I threw a loose-fitting dress on top of the set just in case. I didn’t realize this until it was pointed out to me later that evening at a dinner, but the neon appliqué was a little bit visible through my light blue dress. A friend asked me what kind of bra I was wearing because she could see hints of the flowers and knew it had to be fun. That night, I got to explain that I was trying to wear fancy lingerie every day for a week straight, and people were intrigued. Oh, and my briefs were surprisingly comfortable and not visible at all, especially considering the sheer nude back''.

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