A striking shape combined with simplicity is always a recipe for success. Our Kiki collection offers a lot of impact with its extreme plunge and drop down detailing. Point d’esprit embroidery adorns the bra and panty, adding subtle softness to the graphic edginess of the silhouettes. Perfect to add some cool girl attitude to your look, our model Claudia was so taken with the range she declared it comfortable enough to live in.

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Based on the shape of our best-selling Fran range, Jess elevates the look with butter- soft silk satin panelling which is over-embroidered with corded threads. Oh so ladylike in finish and detail… for those days you just need to feel immaculately

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We could go on and on about the embroidery on our Veronica range made by one of Austria’s oldest embroidery houses and stitched on hundred-year- old machines, the delicate detail and quality really shines through. The colour combination is a firm favourite, with unexpected flashes of neon highlighting elegant tones of vintage rose and metallic copper. Light, airy and ultra-indulgent… Lingerie as it should be!

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Delicate nude tulle creates the illusion of bare skin whilst offering great support and shaping. The luxurious lace is used to striking effect, creating just enough opacity where it is needed, and satin highlights here and there catch the light. A dramatic head turner.

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Not all silk feels alike, and we’ve ensured the handle on our Kate silk is as buttery and smooth as they come. The heavy guipure embroidery is in a slightly deeper shade for a subtle tonal contrast, and is used to dramatic effect, accentuating garments here and there. We especially love the scope of styling options offered in this collection, allowing you to take it in a cool or sultry direction.

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A pleasingly chaotic design of cobweb-fine Austrian embroidery softly accentuates this range, creating a modern un-floral feel. Silhouettes have a contemporary angular cut, with shades of clean black or statement brights to add impact. The perfect base for layering.

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Sexy enough to make a statement but simple enough for every day – our iconic Fran range is a best-seller season on season. Soft mesh smoothly fits around your curves, whilst considerate no-dig finishes create day-long comfort and wearability. The ultimate in easy chic.

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Our lovely Pru has a whole bag of visual tricks up her sleeve, helping to give you the most fabulous bust ever. First, light foam lower cups give lift and support (and they’re covered in butter-soft silk satin – inside and out). Next the side sling styling adds side support, and visually makes your bust appear narrower. Finally the shaped lace top cup creates the illusion of a rounder cleavage and gives a sexy plunge effect. With two great little knicker options you have the choice to take it sleek or sultry.

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Our Lou range is one-of- a-kind: The sparkle woven into the embroidery yarns (ours are special soft ones), the bold styling, the abundance of design touches… Austrian embroidery and silk satin make this collection luxuriously on point. When you’re looking for something special, this one does not disappoint.

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Smooth, graphic and elegant, our Jo range has a cotton-soft lace knit especially for us in Calais by one of France’s most renowned lace mills. This unusual Leavers lace features a stitching technique re-discovered in an old archive which had to be closely studied in order to re-learn the method. Referred to as “point-mort”, machines are stopped in place whilst running, creating over-stitching onto the previous layer. We love the sense of history and craftsmanship that this brings to the collection.

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The embroidery on our Ava collection is very, very special. Stitched on hundred-
year-old machines by one of Austria’s oldest embroidery mills, it has a delicate
lightness we love. With metallic threads woven through the design here and there
reflecting the light, and a beautifully soft silk satin complimenting the sumptuous feel of the range, this collection is indulgently luxurious.

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Delicate Leavers lace contrasts with bold silk satin paneling, putting a decadent and refined twist on a vintage-inspired collection. Our Mink colour way epitomizes two-tone sophistication.

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Effortless chic: bespoke Austrian embroidery and a dramatic cutaway centre front. Available in 3 colourways.

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