Elle - 6 Things I Wish I Knew About Lingerie Before Buying It

Lingerie doesn't have to be impossible to understand!

Elle Magazine featuring Adina Reay - image shows Margot collection

Author and Linger Addict, Cora Harrington

''To maximise your options, especially if you wear beyond a D cup, learn UK sizing''.

''Yes, I know! It’s another confusing detail, but this one can make a tremendous difference in your lingerie life if you wear a DD or above. The UK is a cornucopia of beautiful bras beyond the D cup barrier (in addition to the labels I mentioned above, take a look at Adina Reay, Pour Moi, Tutti Rouge, Miss Mandalay, and Bravissimo)''.

''Lingerie is a beautiful, complex, fascinating niche''

Read the full article HERE! Discover all the tips about buying Lingerie form the Lingerie expert herself!

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