Big Cup Little Cup Blog - 5 Independent UK Lingerie Brands to Watch in 2019

''Today we wanted to focus closer to home and highlight a few UK lingerie brands that have caught our eye lately and look set to have a fantastic 2019''.

Adina Reay - Vivienne featured in Big cup little cup

Credits, Sian and Char from Big Cup Little Cup blog

''And finally, we’ve got another small luxury lingerie brand that we’ve become smitten with over the years, and who look set to steal our hearts even more in 2019''.

''Adina Reay design full bust luxury lingerie that doesn’t necessarily look “full bust”. Their Pru in duck egg is one of my favourite sets ever. Their collections have got better and better with every season, constantly making tweaks to their styles and sizing so that they improve every time. And this year looks to be their best yet, with the Vivian set (above) soon to launch which includes a pretty invisible tulle, creative strapping and delicate embroidered lace''.

Read the full blog HERE! And discover the best independent brands to watch of 2019! 

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