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The stress-free way of understanding bra size

Melons? Oranges? Leaving aside the unsavoury nature of comparing boobs to fruit, it's interesting that a consistent urge many people have when it comes to bra sizing is to relate a cup size back to an imagined shape or volume. People in general are visual, and it makes sense that we want to translate the information on the tag into a picture of what that breast looks like in real life. Most of us could size up a friend's dress size with reasonable accuracy based on the bodyshape images we've come to associate with standard garment sizes. The problem with this urge when it comes to bras is that cup size doesn't refer to a fixed volume: those aforementioned oranges could be either a B or a DD depending on the frame they sit on.

Why lingerie still fails big boobs

One of the most common results of being involved in the lingerie industry is having friends, family and (sometimes) complete strangers vent their frustrations about shopping for underwear. Never has such a small garment known such apparent hate and frustration. The interesting thing is that after airing a host of complaints, most people then end up uttering more or less the same phrase: "I just want to find a bra that supports me, feels comfortable, and looks nice. Is that so much to ask?"